Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stream of consciousness thoughts while Creating a New User File

Mysteries of the "Accuracy Center"
1. How do you train commands versus vocabulary?
2. How do you deal with capitalizations during training? (The command "Cap" is my most recognized, most irritating misrecognition).
3. Are links in the Accuracy Center to "Run in the Vocabulary Optimizer" the same as "Add words from your documents to the vocabulary" & "Increase accuracy from e-mail". Duh. Usability (or is it information architecture) 101. Group similar items. Use consistent labeling for items. Don't use a lot of jargon and expect any of the features to be understood by the end-user.
4. Should I assume that I can train a single word in my vocabulary (and avoid the view or edit vocabulary dialog box) by clicking the "Add a single word to your vocabulary" box.
5. "Check your audio settings". What in the hell is speech to noise ratio? The system offers very little in help to those with a volume that is too soft, or a bad ratio.
6. The Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer is regarded with much suspicion in the user community, I wish someone could explain to me what actually did and how to roll back if it does not help.

Common misrecognition's that I train when starting with a new user file...

7. What happens when you toggle
Options/Correction/Automatically add words to vocabulary (?)
on & off?

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