Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On the soapbox

Interesting discussion of limits of Speech recognition:


Points I don't think I got across very well at the Boston-IA/AVIOS/BVUG meeting in March...
1. We need a new interaction model for voice to work better. Voice enabling the keyboard & mouse is not working.
2. I don't believe "natural language" works - humans are too sloppy
3. "Next Gen" mainstream voice/speech products and services provide the opportunity to explore new models based on actual human behavior. "User-centered Design" and user research is needed to develop products and services with high adoption rates.
4. Current (frustrated) DNS users - especially technology professionals who use speech - can play a role in this evolution. Hiring VUI professionals is a start, but it is better hire tech professionals who actually use speech! Require anyone who works on speech apps to use them!

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