Friday, April 18, 2008

Hardware Specifications

Recommended hardware specifications for running speech recognition software with reduced headaches...
PROCESSOR: Intel Core2 Duo 3GHz
HARD DRIVE: 160 GB, with a speed of 10,000 RPS (you usually need to ask about the speed of the hard drive because capacity is the more common attribute). 160 GB works for me because I don't keep much on my computer, all documents, digital images & music are on an external hard drive.
RAM/Memory: 3 GB

Friday, April 4, 2008


For a variety of reasons I have not been able to make a lot of progress, nor blog about my lack of progress over the past 10 days.

Things I intend to blog about include:

1) Realistic system requirements to run Dragon

2) Troubleshooting performance problems

3) Strategies to improve recognition

4) Speech & voice & why I need to learn to talk again

5) Why dictating is not like writing at all